About Us

Aviation Family Fund (AFF)

There is nothing like AFF in the entire aviation industry!

Mission: Sobriety

To assist and support individuals who clearly desire sobriety, but are limited financially to get the help they truly deserve.

Goal:  Brick-by-brick, the wall comes down…

We will never turn away any individual who meets the need for financial assistance – at any cost! Over and over again, many run into the financial “brickwall,” especially those individuals that have lost their job due to the disease of chemical dependency, or the lucky ones that keep their job but don’t have the coverage to get into a quality recovery program.

Our current economy is declining and the majority of the public is struggling to make ends meet.  With healthcare being on the forefront of our government issues, we keep seeing premiums increase, health coverage decrease and medical costs keep rising.  AFF’s outreach goal will allow us to supplement the additional costs of recovery with the help of national donors and individual support.

Who We Are: A team of dedicated professionals who continue to experience recovery day-by-day

AFF was established by a small group of people who believe in recovery, are dedicated to the cause, and bring years of resources from varying backgrounds to help make AFF successful.  Leveraging upon these resources, the founders work with high-profile individuals in the areas of addiction, treatment centers, finance, insurance, law, media and others to achieve our mission to provide the financial resources for recovery to the aviation community.

Dana Archibald, Founder & CEO, has dedicated his life to work with recovery within the aviation community while experiencing his own personal journey.  With over 25 years in the aviation industry, his resources are many.

Marcia Archibald, Treasurer, has made it her purpose to be at the forefront of AFF’s mission and goal.  A former flight attendant, and banking professional, Marcia intends to utilize her expertise in making AFF’s funds available to those in need.

Karyn Joy Rivera, Assistant, has decades of volunteer and support work behind her in numerous areas, inclusive of recovery.  Karyn is a former flight attendant who has risen in the corporate world to assist CEO’s of large and small companies, and continues to keep AFF’s mission moving forward with outreach efforts.

For more on Dana, Marcia and Karyn click here.

Location: Physically, North Carolina – For assistance, we can reach out to where you need us to be

Our team is devoted to using our numerous resources, as well as the generosity of our many donors, to assist with financial needs in recovery efforts for those in the aviation community.

Our address is:

Aviation Family Fund
P.O. Box 456
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

How?  Donations, grants, and gifts from our generous supporters

Meeting the needs of sobriety are costly, hence the reason we started our (501c3) non-profit organization – to supplement the costs of quality treatment options.  AFF is trying to fill some big shoes, but with your financial support, you can help make our mission possible.

Please assist us in helping our aviation community by donating to this extraordinary cause.  Click here to make a donation. 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

We sincerely thank you for your support!