Sincere Gratitude #2

I need to express my sincere gratitude to the Aviation Family Fund.  It would not have been possible for me to obtain my Special Issuance medical without this God sent organization. I was in recovery for 18 months when I started the process of pursuing my SI. My financials were in dire straits. I was taking money I really didn’t have to try and pay for the medical professionals needed to get my FAA medical reinstated. I had completed all the tests and evaluations and received positive recommendations from all the doctors and SAP professionals. I believe everything was right on track until I was told by one of the doctors it took him longer to generate my report than he quoted and he would not release my report until the balance was paid in full. I was beyond broke and had no way of paying off the multiple balances. I was completely deflated and didn’t know where to turn. Working so hard on my recovery and coming so close to returning to the cockpit and then hitting this obstacle was crushing! I expressed my defeat to my medical sponsor and was told of AFF. Having the support of the Aviation Family Fund was my only means for me to complete the process and send my package to the FAA. Because of AFF’s generosity, I sincerely thank all the people associated with AFF and all the medical professionals whom help air crews get their lives back. I am convinced everyone in the process has a special place reserved for them in Pilot Heaven. Thank you Aviation Family Fund and God Bless!

by Steve C

The help I received was a Godsend!

I’m a pilot in the HIMS program who is struggling to get back in the cockpit. A number of factors have created a very difficult set of circumstances for me, not the least of which was my airline going out of business last September, completely crippling me financially. It was the coup de grace after trying to survive on disability during my time off work while working on my recovery.  I was nearing the final phase of acquiring my Special Issuance medical but I hit a stone wall after the collapse of my airline, and simply did not have the financial means to push on to completion.  Then the Aviation Family Fund came to my assistance and I was able to complete what I think maybe was the final hurdle for the SI.  The help I received has been a Godsend in the most literal sense and I can never adequately express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.


by Tina H.

I was able to continue Treatment!

When I first got to treatment in November of 2011, I had been broken mentally, physically, Spiritually and Financially. It was suggested to me that I would benefit greatly if I continued treatment for a few more months. I had exhausted all finances and was in dire straights. Through the assistance of the Aviation Family Fund I was able to continue my treatment. Seven months later, I’m getting back on solid ground, healing body, mind and spirit. I will always be grateful to the Aviation Family Fund.

by Anthony S

Thank you!!!

“I wanted to get help,but I was worried about the financial hardship that it would cause.  The changes are themselves difficult, but adding financial stress can make these changes seem nearly impossible.  A friend told me about the Aviation Family Fund.  They were very friendly and supportive, and after completing a very simple application, helped my family financially get through this time.  Now I can focus on my recovery.  My family and I cannot express in words how much their help has meant to us and my continued recovery”



by Rob